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AVA Fire & Security

AVA Fire & Security Ltd is one of the leading security providers offering advanced Fire & Security systems to a wide range of public and private sector clients nationwide.

Overview: In collaboration with Seriously, AVA Fire and Security underwent a remarkable transformation in their marketing approach, leaving a lasting impact on their brand visibility, customer engagement, and business growth.

Challenges: AVA Fire and Security faced challenges in establishing a strong online presence, reaching new clients, and effectively communicating their diverse services. The need for a comprehensive marketing strategy became evident to unlock their full potential.

Solutions Provided by Seriously:

Social Media Management: Seriously took the reins of AVA’s social media platforms, crafting compelling content that resonated with their audience. Leveraging various channels, Seriously elevated AVA’s online presence, fostering community engagement and brand loyalty.

Online Presence Redevelopment: Seriously revamped AVA’s online presence, ensuring a modern, user-friendly interface that showcased their services effectively. This not only improved user experience but also contributed to higher conversion rates and increased credibility.

Outbound Call Campaign: To drive new business, Seriously implemented a targeted outbound call campaign, reaching potential clients directly. This personalized approach resulted in a substantial increase in lead generation and conversion rates.

Overall Marketing Strategy Management: Seriously took charge of AVA’s entire marketing strategy, aligning it with the company’s goals and values. This holistic approach enabled a consistent and cohesive brand image across all marketing channels.

Specialist Division Launch: AVA Marine: 
In a strategic move, Seriously played a pivotal role in launching AVA Marine, a specialist division catering to maritime security solutions. From branding to marketing, Seriously ensured a seamless introduction, successfully carving a niche for AVA in this specialised sector.

Seriously not only redefined AVA Fire and Security’s digital presence but also brought creativity to print.

Designing a captivating AVA brochure and complementary printed marketing materials,

Seriously infused the brand with a visual identity that resonated powerfully with their audience. This creative endeavor not only solidified AVA’s professional image in the physical realm but also provided tangible assets for client engagement.

Seriously’s strategic and multi-faceted approach not only addressed AVA’s challenges but also propelled them into a new era of marketing excellence

The partnership between Seriously and AVA Fire and Security stands as a testament to the transformative power of a well-executed marketing strategy.

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Benefits to the AVA Fire and Security

  • Significant Increase in Online Engagement: AVA’s social media engagement witnessed a substantial boost, with a notable rise in follower numbers and interaction rates.
  • Improved Conversion Rates: The revamped online presence contributed to higher conversion rates, turning website visitors into satisfied clients.
  • Successful Launch of AVA Marine: The introduction of AVA Marine received positive feedback, establishing AVA as a trusted name in maritime security solutions.
  • Measurable Business Growth: The outbound call campaign generated a stream of qualified leads, contributing to measurable business growth for AVA Fire and Security.