Case studies

Holiday Inn - Neon

We were given the challenging task of revamping the interior signage for the hotel, with the goal of making it more eye-catching and effective in promoting the various offerings within the property.

We teamed up with the Aimbridge Group and the accomplished leadership at their premier property at Heathrow Airport to craft a striking signage solution for their bar and pizza kitchen. Our goal was to increase visibility and appeal of the different amenities and services, with the aim of providing guests with an enhanced experience.

The challenge was to create a solution that worked in harmony with the sleek, contemporary industrial design of the hotel’s atrium dinning and bar area.

We decided to craft a radiant neon sign system that seamlessly integrated with the aesthetic, elevating the overall look and feel of the space.

It also serves as a focal point and symbol of identity for the hotel, one that captures the attention of all who visit and adds to their overall enjoyment of their stay.


We also created new neon sign the hotels sport bar.
A simple retro tyle of design was chosen to compliment the bars current style and interior.
The new neon signage we installed adds a stunning ambiance to the
evening dining experience, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for
 The new neon signage has been a major success, with guests usage of the bar and pizza restaurant has increased.
The eye-catching signs have helped to draw the attention of visitors to these areas of the hotel, resulting in a significant boost in usage and popularity.
It’s become a highlight for the guest experience

Benefits to the Property

  • Consistent design.
  • Low energy use solution reduced costs.
  • Long life span of LED.
  • Increased visability and useage of facilities.