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Choose our flexible packaging if you want to stand out on shop shelves. The various models of stand-up and flat pouches are ideal for protecting food and countless other products. Adapting easily to their contents, they offer both excellent capacity and flexibility.

Our flexible packaging solutions: print custom stand-up Doypacks

Within our new category dedicated to flexible packaging, you can find the new stand-up Doypacks . They are an innovative, versatile product that is very popular for food products or cosmetics with a natural freshness and unique aromas that must be preserved. “Stand-up” refers to the unique shape of the pouches, which enables them to be displayed without supports or containers. They are fully self-supporting and take up less space on shelves in shops.

We have two models of stand-up pouches available:

  • Standard Doypacks: made from a combination of paper, polyethylene and aluminium
  • Recyclable Doypacks: made from a combination of paper and film

Both are printed in high definition using state-of-the-art technology. Choose the ideal material for you and create your new custom flexible packaging with Seriously

You can choose from two different models of Flat Pouches:

  • Standard Flat Pouches: the barrier, a transparent film combined with an aluminium layer, keeps the contents fully protected. The pouch can resist stressful situations such as pressure or scratches, which could occur during transport or when displaying the product.
  • Recyclable Flat Pouches: these are a responsible and environmentally friendly choice. Our Recyclable Flat Pouches are designed to not have a negative effect on the environment but ensure maximum performance.
A quote tailored to you
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we also offer the option of ordering other customised flexible packaging from us. To find the perfect solution for you, contact one of our advisers at custom.solutions@pixartprinting.com and we will give you a personalised quote based on the configuration and print run you require.
Customisation options
Our flexible packaging comes with a range of options, allowing your product to be resealed or hung up, or enhanced with gloss or matt lamination. You can also choose to add information to the base of the pack. The options are:
  • Hang hole
  • Zip
  • Gloss/matt lamination
  • Printed base
Our flexible packaging is available in various multilayered materials, designed to seal the contents and protect them from moisture, leaving your product intact and protected from the outside world. All the materials we offer are safe for food contact and are bonded with 100% solvent-free glues.
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