Case study

Digital Advertising System Implementation at Holiday Inn Heathrow and Staybridge Hotel

Holiday Inn Heathrow and Staybridge Hotel, esteemed leaders in the hospitality industry, recognized the growing need to redefine their guest experience and drive additional revenue streams.

Seriously was engaged to implement a forward-thinking digital advertising system, strategically designed to engage guests, offer essential information, and effectively promote the wide array of hotel amenities and services available. With an eye toward innovation, the hotels aimed to transform the traditional guest experience into a dynamic and interactive journey.

Seriously designed a comprehensive digital advertising system that spanned both Holiday Inn Heathrow and Staybridge Hotel. The system comprised of  14 screens across both hotels and featured two impressive 85-inch boardroom screens and strategically positioned digital in-lift screens.

The screens were strategically placed to optimize visibility, ensuring that guests could effortlessly access information that mattered to them.

The content displayed on these screens was curated, encompassing captivating advertisements, essential guest service information, event listings, details about ongoing activities, and enticing special offers.
The aim was not just to inform but to immerse guests in an interactive and visually stimulating experience.

Technical Implementation: 

At the heart of this cutting-edge solution was a centralized Content Management System (CMS), a sophisticated platform that seamlessly controlled each screen. This level of control allowed for a dynamic display of content tailored to the specific location of each screen. Whether in the boardroom, elevator, or lobby, the system could adapt to showcase content relevant to the surroundings.

The flexibility of the system also empowered the hotels to make quick updates and modifications on the fly, ensuring that the information presented remained current and aligned with the ever-evolving needs of guests and the hotel’s offerings

In the dynamic landscape of the hospitality industry, Holiday Inn Heathrow and Staybridge Hotel’s collaboration with Seriously has not only met but exceeded expectations
This case study stands as a testament to the power of innovative digital solutions in redefining guest experiences and driving both customer satisfaction and business success. The seamless integration of cutting-edge technology has not only elevated the hotels’ market presence but has also established them as pioneers in delivering a modern, immersive, and revenue-generating guest experience. As the digital transformation journey continues, this partnership showcases the potential for technology to reshape the future of hospitality.

Benefits to Holiday Inn and StayBridge

  • Enhanced Guest Experience: The implementation of Seriously’s digital advertising system has revolutionized the overall guest experience. Beyond mere functionality, the visually appealing screens engage guests with relevant and timely content, creating a modern and interactive ambiance within the hotel spaces.
  • Revenue Uplift: The impact on revenue has been substantial. By strategically showcasing advertisements, promoting restaurant and bar offerings, and highlighting special events, the digital system has successfully driven increased revenue for the hotels. Guests are now more informed about the diverse array of services offered, leading to higher utilization of the hotel’s facilities.
  • Dynamic Promotion of Services: The system’s ability to display diverse content has empowered the hotels to dynamically promote various services, such as spa treatments, event spaces, and exclusive special offers. This targeted advertising has resulted in a more informed and engaged clientele.
  • Operational Efficiency: The centralized control offered by the CMS has streamlined operations for the hotel staff. Quick updates, real-time content changes, and the ability to manage multiple screens from a central point have significantly improved overall operational efficiency.