Case study


Bwthyn – the finest Welsh handmade soaps and candles, choose to work with Seriously to help elevate their brand and gain traction in a complex and fast moving retail sector.

Bwythn (formerly known as Scentsational Cottage) enlisted our services to enhance their brand visibility during the launch of their new brand ‘Bwthyn’. In addition to providing guidance on brand elevation, we also assisted the company in establishing itself as a purveyor of luxury handmade candles and fragrances.

Our work has ranged from  branding. Design, print and marketing consultancy.

Working along side Seriously, Bwthyn have been able to expand and deploy new branding rapidly and consistantly.

Our brand bible has helped them develop their product range, inline with our advice on storytelling and messaging to under pin the brand  and products.

One of the key elements of our work involved the creation of a new modern logo that was both striking and memorable. We believed that a fresh logo would help the brand appeal to a wider audience and make a lasting impression on customers.

We crafted a logo that captured the essence of the brand and was able to convey its values and offerings in a unique and eye-catching way.

In addition to the logo, we also introduced a new color palette that complemented the new branding approach. We worked closely with the Bwthyn team to ensure that the colors we chose were consistent with their vision for the brand and were also able to create a sense of harmony and balance.

Seriously have designed & printed all the Bwthyn marketing material.

We worked with Bwthyn to expand their market offering, they are now active players in corporate events  sector with candle making classes.

Bwthyn, have also expanded into luxury bespoke frangrances for VIP clients, hotels and restaurants.

We created their ‘Bespoke Collection’ brochure which is aimed soley at b2b sector.


Seriously , also designed and printed the instore POS and imaging for the Bwthyn limited editions range.

The feedback from Bwthyn and customers were that the promotional sites and point of sale materials were striking with fantastic stand out.

The launch helped to raise brand awareness for Bwthyn and increase customer engagement.

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Benefits to the Bwthyn

  • Consistent brand message and look.
  • Centralised and proactive marketing resource.
  • Cost saving on all printing.
  • On-demand marketing team, without internal costs.