Case studies

Schiller Waterbikes

The new future in urban mobility, Schiller waterbikes are the leader in their field. Schiller waterbikes are used on the world most exclusive super yachts and available at some of the best resorts.

Seriously has worked with Schiller to produce their international marketing and event colletral.

European event pack: Branded Flags, Fabric pop-up Counter, 3m Fabric Curved Back wall.

Deployed at international yacht shows, including Monaco, Cannes, Barcelona anf Southampton.

Seriously managed all aspects of the Schillers European Events schedule.

We produced all of Schiller marketing colateral in-house. All brochures were digitally printed allowing for variable data elements to be used.

As well sector specfic data and bespoke multi-language versions.

Seriously handled European wide distribution and media coverage for the Schiller brand, which included high-profile events in Monaco.

Benefits to the client

  • New audiences reached through events and straegic marketing
  • Creative design and print that builds a strong Global brand.
  • Europe wide direct access and cost savings.